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The shell is a set of components and pre-built workflows for managing ECHO spaces, invitations, and identity.

It runs as part of the vault and renders within the vault iframe controlled by DXOS client.

The shell can be invoked via the client API.


  • View and edit the user's basic profile
  • Invite someone to a space
  • Accept an invitation to join another space
  • Join another device to the user's HALO identity
  • Accept a device invitation to join the current device to an existing HALO identity

The shell appears overtop the calling UI and looks like a full screen dialog panel.

Shell profile panelShell profile panelShell device invitation panelShell device invitation panel


Shell is part of the DXOS client:

npm i @dxos/react-client


import React from 'react';

import { useClient, PublicKey } from '@dxos/react-client';

const Component = () => {
  // requires <ClientProvider/> somewhere in the tree
  const client = useClient();

  return (
      onClick={async () => {
        // open the profile panel;

        // join another device using an invitation
        const { identity: id1 } = await{
          invitationCode: '<device invitation code>',

        // open the identity creation flow
        const { identity: id2, cancelled } =

        // invite a new device to join the current identity
        const { device } = await;

        // invite new members to join a space
        const { members } = await{
          spaceKey: PublicKey.from('<space key>'),

        // join an existing space
        const { space } = await{
          invitationCode: '<invitation code>',

See more in the API documentation for the Shell.