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About Composer

About Composer

Composer is a collaborative productivity app where developers can build and organize knowledge, extend with custom data and UI, and run private AI against their knowledge locally.

Key features:

  • Extensibility: If your team is operating in a challenging problem domain you need knowledge tools specific to your work. Composer is built for customization from the ground up.
  • Collaboration: Composer has real-time multiplayer implemented through a local-first model. This makes a lot of things better: from meeting notes to working on airplanes.
  • Openness: Composer and the DXOS framework are open source. Due to the CRDTopen in new window-based implementation there's no need for a server other than for backup. DXOS provides backup services if you want them, but you can also host your own.
  • Privacy: Composer is built on the peer-to-peer protocols of DXOS which are designed to be private by default. The data is stored on your device and only shared with others you explicitly invite.

Devices and Agents

For example a running system might sync data like this:

Here device means a running DXOS instance. One device runs per domain/browser profile combination, so users can have multiple devices running on a physical machine. Each device is associated with an identity.

Agents are DXOS instances running without an attached user interface. A common use of agents is to run on a server and provide availability if all other devices are offline, but this is completely optional.

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Technology Preview

Composer is not yet ready for production. There are bugs, and breaking changes may occur. Migration guides will be provided for version updates in the release notesopen in new window.

All your feedback is most welcome on Discordopen in new window.