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Resetting Storage

You may occasionally need to reset the storage state behind HALO in case of problems.


This procedure clears all storage for all apps using ECHO and HALO on the machine.

  • navigate a browser to (or wherever the vault was configured to be - by default it's
  • open developer tools in the browser
  • go to the Application tab developer tools, and locate the Storage node.
  • click Clear site data
  • go back to your app and reload, the storage should be re-created

Ad Blockers

Ad blockers and other browser extensions may cause problems installing apps.

EINVALIDPACKAGENAME when initializing a new app

This is likely due to an older version of npm and/or node. To use npm init @dxos@latest node needs to be at v18 or newer. We recommend using Node Version Manageropen in new window or similar to ensure node >= 18 and npm >= 9.