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DXOS provides developers with a toolkit to build local-first, collaborative apps which preserve privacy by communicating peer-to-peer.

DXOS applications work offline, share state instantly when online, and leave end-users in control of their data and privacy.

Composer is a collaborative productivity app where developers can build and organize knowledge, extend with custom data and UI, and run private AI against their knowledge locally.


DXOS is under development and will continue to change frequently.
Your feedback is most welcome on GitHubopen in new window and Discordopen in new window.
See our Contribution Guideopen in new window about contributing code.

The DXOS SDK includes a key pair of technologies that work together:

  • ECHO - Database and reactive state container for offline-first, real-time, collaborative apps.
  • HALO - Identity for decentralized apps.

Compare DXOS applications to client-server web applications:

Client-Server Web AppsDXOS Apps
How code is servedserved by web serversserved by web servers
How data is storedon the serveron the client
How data is exchangedclient to server via HTTP or Web Socketspeer to peer via WebRTC
How identity is establishedservers issue session tokens after validating credentials with methods like OAuthclients generate their own private/public key pairs and use them to sign messages in the database.

SDK Documentation Overview

Dependency relationship of some of the technologies covered in the docs:

Here solid lines represent direct dependencies and dashed lines pluggable ones.