HALO Identity

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HALO Identity

HALO is a system of components for implementing decentralized identity designed around privacy, security, and collaboration requirements.

  • The HALO applicationopen in new window is a software wallet that contains user identities, secrets (i.e.: private keys), other credentials.
  • The HALO SDKopen in new window is part of the DXOS client library and provides user authentication, identity, and contact management capabilities.
  • The HALO protocol supports the verification, transport, and exchange of identity information between networked peers.

The HALO application also acts as a secure vault where all ECHO data is physically stored on behalf of the user and their applications. Read more about local vault topology.


  • Public/private key-pair authentication mechanism integrated into ECHO
  • Passwordless log in
  • Local-first credentials and key storage
  • Multi-device synchronization of identities, credentials, ECHO spaces
  • Paper-key identity recovery

Establishing user identity

There are three ways a user can establish their identity (login) with HALO on any given device.

  1. Create a new identity
  2. Use an identity from another device
  3. Recover an identity using a seed phrase

Open https://halo.dxos.orgopen in new window and you will be guided through the options.

HALO applicationHALO application

Next steps

How to read the HALO identity in code: