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Developer Tools

Developer Tools

Using this tool you can inspect an instance of ECHO to visualize and debug the state of the application.


If you're using Composer you can open the Developer Tools by replacing the current URL path with /devtools, e.g.

There are two non-Composer specific ways to run the tool:

Developer Tools
Developer Tools

Backup and Import Spaces

Devtools allows you to download a backup of your spaces and re-import them. This allows you to easily move your spaces between different instances of ECHO.

Backup and Import are especially useful when there are breaking protocol changes and a manual data migration is necessary between different versions of DXOS. We will maintain the ability to generate the backup and parse the import for at least one month from the release of the breaking change version.

The "Download Backup" and "Import Space" buttons can be found under the "Spaces" tab.

Download BackupImport Space