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Entry point

Entry point

Composer is created by passing an array of Plugin instances to the <App /> element provided by the framework.

The <App /> element provides a full-screen <Surface /> and the PluginContext to let nested components access the plugins.

import { createRoot } from 'react-dom';
import { createApp } from '@dxos/app-framework';

const App = createApp({
  plugins: [
    // ... list of plugins

createRoot(document.getElementById('root')).render(<App />);

From here, the main <Surface /> interrogates all the plugins to determine what component to fill the screen with. Components are also able to use more nested <Surface /> elements to further delegate rendering to other plugins.

For example, the Layout plugin splits the screen into more Surfaces: a header, a left and a right sidebars, and a main content area. Each of these get fulfilled by components other plugins.

Under Development

The Composer Extensibility APIs are under active development. The API may change often, and these docs may not be accurate.

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