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Class LocalClientServices

Class LocalClientServices

Declared in packages/sdk/client/src/services/local-client-services.ts:95open in new window

Starts a local instance of the service host.


constructor(params)open in new window

Returns: LocalClientServices


params: ClientServicesHostParams


closedopen in new window

Type: Event<undefined | Error>

The connection to the services provider was terminated. This should fire if the services disconnect unexpectedly or during a client reset.

signalMetadataTagsopen in new window

Type: any

descriptorsopen in new window

Type: ServiceBundle<ClientServices>

hostopen in new window

Type: undefined | ClientServicesHost

servicesopen in new window

Type: Partial<ClientServices>


close()open in new window

Returns: Promise<void>

Arguments: none

open()open in new window

Returns: Promise<void>

Arguments: none