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Quick Start

Quick Start

Technology Preview

Composer is not yet ready for production. There are bugs, and breaking changes may occur. Migration guides will be provided for version updates in the release notesopen in new window.

All your feedback is most welcome on Discordopen in new window.

Open Composer


Click the next to your Personal Space in the sidebar to create a new document.

The contents of your personal space will be visible only to you.


Composer is organized into spaces for grouping and sharing content.

Click the next to Shared Spaces in the sidebar to create a new space.

Click the next to the new space to open the menu and select Share space.

Create single or multi-use invitations by clicking Invite.

Share the link or QR code with others to join them to the space.

Adding Devices

This allows for instant sharing and sync of all your content between other devices (or browser profiles) you own.

Click the profile button and select Add device.

Scan the QR code or copy and paste the link to another device or browser window to continue.

After entering the authorization code, the new device will begin replicating all your spaces.


Composer shares data only between devices that are online at the same time.

While it's possible to sync data between devices this way, it's also possible that some users may never see each-other's changes if they don't spend enough time online at the same time (e.g.: due to time zones, or work schedules, etc).

The solution requires that at least one device is always available on the network for every space.

The DXOS Agent is a component anyone can run on their computer to ensure that their spaces are always available to other devices, even when they are offline.

The DXOS Agent is also available in a hosted version which offers better uptime and backup features.