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KUBE Infrastructure

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KUBE Infrastructure

KUBE is a set of runtime services for static web apps and peer-to-peer applications. It can host applications on a local network and expose them to the outer internet via automatic tunneling. It also provides services for peer and network discovery.

  • Single, compact binary.
  • Runs as a service.
  • Exposes a command line interface and API.

KUBE instances form and propagate the peer-to-peer MESH networks of DXOS.

Some of the services offered by KUBE:

Static App ServiceStatic Applications are served as subdomains of the KUBE's hostname. KUBE-side code is coming soon.
Publishing ServiceAccepts published bundles from dx app publish commands and deploys them to App Service
IPFSKUBE runs an IPFS node and hosts application code in an IPFS instance
Signaling ServiceHelps peers locate each other using libp2popen in new window
STUNopen in new window
TURNopen in new window
ICEopen in new window
Network "hole punching", NAT traversal, and relay services for peer networking.

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