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CLI Overview

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CLI Overview

The dx CLI offers a set of tools to work with DXOS components, interact with the network, and build applications.


npm i -g @dxos/cli

a global dx should now be available

dx --version

Creating applications

Use the following command to generate an app project named hello with everything you need to build a collaborative application with DXOS.

dx app create hello
cd hello
pnpm install
pnpm serve # local development server


Only pnpm is supported for now due to a temporary requirement to patch vite.

Learn more about the application templates available.

Deploying applications

Static applications can be deployed to KUBE with the dx CLI:

dx app publish


If using a DXOS application template, the npm script deploy uses a locally installed, version locked dx CLI to do the deploy:

pnpm run deploy

Take care not to omit the term run as pnpm will assume deploy means something else otherwise

The configuration is read from a file dx.yml in the root of the project.